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What Clients Are Saying

Our home search in Central Texas began in February of 2020. My family was stateside, and I was deployed to Europe and was set to return in July of 2020. My wife Jennifer and I were searching for our final home and it was not easy. Homes were selling quickly before COVID struck and we were denied multiple times by different lenders. We had given up and were just going to settle on a rental property or on base housing. We were being told we did not qualify for multiple reasons. My wife tells me I am very stubborn, and I was not going to give up easily. I kept trying but was constantly being denied, we were defeated. It was late May of 2020 and one day while I was casually scrolling through a veteran’s page on Facebook, I read a post of a veteran trying to buy a home, but he was running into problems. I noticed a gentleman by the name of John VanNoller responded to him with some sound and caring advice. I read Johns response and thought, maybe John can help us too. I private messaged John and he responded. He immediately reached out and did not hesitate to review my file and said he could not see why I was being denied. We communicated back and forth and provided John with everything he requested. He got us pre-approved, remained in communication with us and the rest is history. John worked extremely hard to get us approved and my family and I are forever indebted to John for getting us into our home. He is very experienced, and it showed. Thank you John for making this happen after we were defeated… were our ‘final straw’!”

CW3 Trevino

“John and Amy were beyond amazing to work with! We were first time home buyers with a lot of questions. Not only were they wonderful to work with, they were so patient. I could call, text, or email at any time and they were very prompt and personable. Our home buying experience with them was such a smooth process, I do not have one negative thing to say. We’ve been in our home a little over a month now and they still check in and say hello every once in a while!!! I HIGHLY recommend their team; you won’t be disappointed!”

 -Ashley & Megan

What Realtors Are Saying

“As a real estate agent, I meet tons of mortgage lenders dying to get my business. While I haven’t always had great experiences with all lenders, John VanNoller is nothing short of amazing. I have now worked multiple deals with him and have been thoroughly impressed at his knowledge, communication, and willingness to meet deadlines. At the end of every transaction my clients are well-informed, excited to move into their home, and we all come out winners! John is always willing to reach out to me and offer all agent support and doesn’t stop trying to EARN business. I appreciate the hustle!”

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